Brook Taste Testers - February Box

Brook Taste Testers - February Box


For more information on the perks of being a Brook Taste Tester see here.

What’s in the box?

Each box contains 8 dishes for you to try. The range will cover a selection of mains, sides, protein components and sweet treats so you can mix and match them throughout the week.

  • Main & side dishes: are between 400g - 500g in weight, making them perfect for 2 to share as part of a bigger meal or for 1 to devour all by themselves

  • Protein components: are things like our beet burger and tofish bites that can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, from making a salad that bit sexier to creating the world’s best sandwich

  • Sweet treats: are designed for 4-6 to share (depending of how generous you’re feeling) and could be anything from our new Spelt, Banana and Pistachio Loaf to our signature Sticky Toffee and Ginger Pudding

We make each dish by hand and then blast freeze it to lock in all it’s goodness. It’ll arrive to you frozen so you can keep it that way until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Examples of the dishes we’ll be sending out over January to March can be found here, but as to which ones will be in this particular box… you’ll have to wait and see! Part of the excitement of being part of the Brook Taste Testing crew is that your monthly menu will only be revealed when your box arrives.

What we can say is that with February arrives the desire to add a few more treats to the menu (did someone say Mac & Cheese??). It’s still bleedin’ cold, we’re fed up of the long, cold nights and we need a lot of lovin’ on our plate to combat those winter blues. February’s menu will be full of dishes that will brighten your day and inspire your positivity to hold on just a few for weeks until the blossom arrives again!

A note on allergens: all our dishes are handmade in our small kitchen. Although great care is taken, we cannot guarantee our products will be completely free from all allergens. For full information on the allergens please see each individual dish sleeve.

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