Jackfruit Rendang

The Brook Vegan Jackfruit Rendang

This super-comforting dish is a serious showstopper thanks to its punchy flavour and incredibly meaty appearance. Those chunks of ‘meat’ actually come from the ever abundant and nutritious Jackfruit, coated in a thick, semi-dry sauce. And when we say ‘abundant’ we mean abundant—this wonder-plant can produce up to three tonnes of food per year from just one huge tree! How’s that for sustainable?

Slow-cooked in our homemade Rendang paste and coconut milk, with red onion, fresh lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves, the way the chunks of jackfruit break up and melt in your mouth make it hands down one of the best dishes we've ever developed.

The chilli kick is just enough to be warming, and the aromatic paste and lemongrass give it a lovely fresh taste even though it's oh so rich. We seriously recommend ditching your regular ‘takeaway’ for this baby, because when paired with rice it’s a serious treat. Just make sure you save some leftovers because it also makes a banging sandwich filling to brighten up the most dull of days!

Allergen advice: this dish contains nuts & soy.

A general note on allergens: all our dishes are handmade in our small kitchen. Although great care is taken, we cannot guarantee our products will be completely free from any allergens not listed.

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