Featured Dishes

We have one main criteria we apply to the development of our dishes… they aren’t ready for release until eating them makes us want to do a little dance.

And, since setting up our new test kitchen, we have been doing a LOT of dancing.  In fact we have so many dance-worthy dishes that we have too many to choose from! We want our food to inspire you… whether that’s to get creative in the kitchen, to try something new or to reach for your goals… whatever it is, it all starts with a little dance.

Here’s a drool-worthy selection of some of the dishes coming from our current creative phase, to give you an idea of what we’re talking about! The question is… how will you make it your way?

Mac & Cheese, with Caramelised Onions & Kale

Red Wine & Shallot Sausage Casserole

Southern Fried Fillet Burger

Slow-cooked Jackfruit Rendang

Banana & Pistachio Loaf

All Day Breakfast Hotpot

Lime & Coconut Daal

Teriyaki Noodles