Lime & Coconut Daal

The Brook Lime and Coconut Dal

This lentil daal is positively delumptious (yes, it’s a real word… just ask our other favourite Dahl—see what we did there?). Slow-cooked in 3 types of lime, spices and coconut, the lentils take on an intense amount of flavour and create a delicious and filling dish that can either be enjoyed as a main or as an accompaniment to other dishes.

Of course, it goes super well with a mix of other Indian dishes, but we’d also recommend adding it to a tapas-style spread as, in the restaurant, we used to pair it with satay skewers and our kale and fennel slaw, which was a great combo! The creamed coconut and the tang of the lime balance each other perfectly, creating a dish that always gets the conversation going.

The best thing about this dish is that it feels (and is) extremely wholesome thanks to those protein-packed lentils, which also boost your immune system, keep your your weight at a healthy level, your tickers ticking away happily and provide essential folate in pregnancy—these are just some of the many, many fantastic health benefits of our beloved lentils.

Allergen advice: this dish contains mustard.

A general note on allergens: all our dishes are handmade in our small kitchen. Although great care is taken, we cannot guarantee our products will be completely free from any allergens not listed.

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