About Us


The Brook was born from our desire to show the world how incredible plant-based food can be.

We believe that living an environmentally-conscious lifestyle shouldn’t be associated with sacrificing the things you enjoy, but simply finding new ways to enjoy them instead.  That's why we've spent the last 5 years developing a range of flavour-packed, nutrient rich dishes that demonstrate just how incredible vegan food can be.

Made in small batches, in-house everyday, our food is created with the same level of care and passion whether it's being delivered to your restaurant table or your kitchen at home.  We understand just how busy life is these days and, without access to convenient meals, eating plant-based regularly can be hard to sustain.  Our hope is that by delivering a range of restaurant-quality meals, direct to your door, we can help you achieve the lifestyle and diet you want, without having to compromise on quality.