Sustainable Swaps: The Laundry Routine

Another day, another sustainable swap to help you on your way to an eco-friendly lifestyle that not only reduces our impact on the planet but makes your life easier and often more budget-friendly too!

So this week we’re tackling laundry - yep one of the less exciting routines in our lives and also one that can rack up a lot of waste and pollute our rivers and oceans. But here’s the good news with a few easy changes all that can be stopped.

A good start is to think about how often you wash your clothes? If you’re someone who feels the need to wash a t-shirt after one wear, unless it has an unpleasant odour or stain consider keeping it out of the wash basket. After all, less washing means less laundry admin and keeps your clothes feeling new for even longer.

And the rest? Here’s our list of a few easy swaps that will get you well on the way to a more sustainable laundry routine.

vegan natural stick

  1. Get yourself a stain stick

    If you’re keen cooks like us it can often get a little bit messy in the kitchen and sometimes that mess gets all up on our clothes... (yes turmeric we’re talking about you). But before you throw it in the wash why not try treating the stain with a vegan, natural stain stick and hot water? You can even carry it in your handbag if you’re spillage prone.

  2. Viva La Vinegar

    Among its many many uses as a cleaning agent, white vinegar can also be used as a non-toxic fabric softener and deodoriser. Just add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar into your washing machine in place of laundry detergent and feel smug about how cheap, eco-friendly and easy youre washing has now become.

eco friendly fabric conditioner

3. Use Dryer Balls

Dryer balls? More like face stroking soft washing miracle balls. If like us you wish you’d found out about these since you first started doing your own washing, it’s all good you have years ahead with these guys! Who’d have thought instead of splashing the cash on fabric softener to keep our clothes feeling fresh and new we could have just used these. Thankyou technology.

4. Use the line

We live in England so let’s be real hanging your clothes outside on a washing line might not always be an option BUT when it is clothes dry so much better outside in the fresh air (no more super stiff jeans!). However, if the weather is killing your outside washing line vibe, pick up a drying rack and dry them indoors instead of expending more energy using a tumble dryer. Hello lower energy bills!

5. Sub for Soap Nuts

Ditch the detergent and opt for the natural wonders that are soap nuts - or even conkers when in season for a more local alternative. The shells contain mother nature’s own detergent called saponin that creates a natural foam to eradicate dirt and keep your clothes looking bright and feeling fresh. And once you’re finished with the nuts just pop them in your compost. Each 100g bag can be used on up to 100 washes and no extra fabric softener is needed, so not only the environment but your bank balance will be thanking you too.

6. Grab a Guppy Bag

Sometimes it feels like plastic is everywhere and it even crops up in our clothes and fabrics around the home. By using a guppy bag you can prevent the harmful micro fibres emitted from washing synthetic textiles making their way into oceans and rivers and ultimately into the aquatic creatures that then consume them.

guppy bag

7. Essential Oils

Mmmmm the smell of fresh laundry. Nothing beats a bed of freshly washed sheets and it can often impact our relaxation levels. Instead of relying on the scent of washing liquid/ powder and fabric softener available in stores why not chose your own and add some essential oils into your wash load. They not only smell amazing but they act as fabric softener too with no harmful chemicals that effect the environment.