Sustainable Swaps: 5 reasons to switch to loose leaf tea

zero waste tea

First up on our sustainable swap's series, we’re talking all things T-E-A and how switching to loose leaf tea could save you money, reduce waste and result in a better-quality brew. As tea-thirsty Brits who brew on average 6 billion cups a year, it felt like the right thing to do... 

In a modern world where it sometimes feels like everything is triple coated in packaging, switching to a sustainable and waste free lifestyle can come with its obstacles! Luckily this change is pretty simple and can be achieved in minutes. 

How many of you regularly buy tea bags? Perhaps you’re already on the look-out for the ethically made or premium quality ones or even the boxes that will look pretty in your larder but how many of these ‘20 tea bags’ are actually compostable and do they also come wrapped in foil paper or plastic? The truth for many is A LOT and not only is the packaging not compostable, the polyester mesh they often come in is also non-renewable.  

So, what can you do? Make the switch to loose leaf! And here’s 5 reasons why... 

1) Superior Brewing 

By choosing whole leaf tea as opposed to tea bags, you are getting a higher quality version of that tea. Tea bags are actually just the dust that is collected while processing the tea leaves and are often so tightly packed in the bag that they don’t release as intense of a flavour when added to hot water. 

2) More economical 

Because loose leaf tea is better quality and has more flavour, double or triple cups out of one small tsp can be achieved. Also, by buying the tea in bulk the overall cost per use is a lot less than a box of high-quality tea bags. 

3) Less Packaging 

Buying loose leaf tea from bulk stores or online results in only one lot or perhaps no packaging to deal with. Invest in a tea infuser, tea pot and strainer or even a cafetière and you’re good to go! We love the Yod & Co infusers (picture above) as they’re super sleek, can be taken on our travels and are designed to perfection so will last for ages. 

4) Kitchen decoration 

Ok not quite environmentally focused but storing the tea in refillable glass jars looks very aesthetically pleasing in your pantry or kitchen counter. Edible decoration? Why not! 

5) It’s compostable 

After you’ve finished your deliciously fragrant brew, the leaves can be added to your compost providing nutrients to help the decomposition process. Win win for you and your garden. 

Got any zero-waste tea tips or favourite ethical tea brands to share? Let us know in the comments below!