Vegan Brekkie Burritos

vegan burritos

Considered to be one of the most important meals and for the brekkie-food addicts among us, what has us leaping out of bed for: Breakfast is kind of a big deal and is a great time to tick off some feel-good satisfying nutrients. And seeing as we’ve got the whole of the day to use this meal’s energy it’s best to make it a big one!

But let’s be honest, seeing as breakfast is rustled up in the morning sometimes little Miss/ Mr disorganised has forgotten to get any ingredients in OR the cosy bed vs. kitchen debate is favouring more bed time. Well sleepy heads, say hello to our ready-to-go hearty breakfast casserole! Saving hungover, tired or indecisive breakfast-ers and brunch-ers since February.

Simply pop it in the microwave or oven, set your timer and go snuggle in your duvet whilst the breakfast fairies do their thing. Made from vegan sausages, fibrous beans, soft tomatoes, garlicky mushrooms and topped with crispy sauteed potatoes, this guy will keep you feeling full and energised all morning and may even cure that horrendous booze-induced headache.

If you’re feeling lazy, a few slices of toast work perfectly with this dish, but if you’re feeling fancy or want a way to use up any leftovers why not transform your casserole into a loaded breakfast burrito! Vegan scrambled eggs, avo slices, fresh spinach and a few spoonfuls of yummy breakfast casserole are all packaged up in a seedy wrap to make your breakfast-loving heart beat. Mmmmmmm.


Serves: 4

Time: 15 mins


1 x Brook Breakfast Casserole, warmed up

1 x Vegan Scrambled Eggs (recipe here)

4 x seeded wraps (or sweet potato, corn, rye whatever wraps work for you)

Handful of fresh spinach per burrito

1 avocado, quartered and sliced thinly

Optional drizzle of Tabasco, sriracha, chipotle mayo or bbq sauce to truly wake you up

scramble tofu burritos


Heat up your breakfast casserole using the oven or microwave.

Meanwhile make up a batch of vegan scrambled eggs using the recipe provided and set to one side.

Lay out your chosen wrap and assemble as above.

Line up a handful of spinach, avo slices, 3 spoons of breakfast casserole, 1/4 of the scrambled tofu and optional sauces per wrap.

Fold the ends of the wrap in before rolling it over tightly to form the burrito. Us a tooth-pick to keep together if you’ve gone wild with the filling.

Slice in two and dig in!