Spelt Banana & Pistachio Loaf

The Brook Vegan Banana Loaf

This finger-licking spelt and pistachio loaf should come with a warning: you might go bananas for it! Ok, that was terrible, but it’s true… you just might.

We’ve added spelt; a nutrient-packed ancient grain and mixed it up with some slinky sliced pistachios, then sprinkled the mix with cinnamon and nutmeg to create little bursts of warm spicy flavour throughout. Some folks-in-the-know claim that spelt was first used some 8000 years ago… those ancients really knew what they were doing!

Super-filling and wholesome, this loaf is great on it’s own but also moonlights as a pretty sexy, hearty brunch when toasted and topped with almond butter, maple syrup and sliced banana. And we’re not using the word ‘sexy’ here by accident, by the way… besides increasing circulation and actually lowering your blood sugar, spelt is also known to help with the creation of those sexy little hormones… oh yeah. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Allergen advice: this dish contains gluten & nuts.

A general note on allergens: all our dishes are handmade in our small kitchen. Although great care is taken, we cannot guarantee our products will be completely free from any allergens not listed.

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