The taste and quality of the food and drink we serve you is extremely important to us.  We’ve spent time scouring the UK to find independent growers & producers, with wonderful ethics and standards, who grow and make delicious British products (more about them below).  We make everything we can in-house using, fresh, plant-based ingredients and minimal, if any, unrefined sugar.  We truly believe you are what you eat... and we want to be both healthy and really rather tasty.

We serve delicious, ethically grown coffee, soft drinks and fresh juices and organic milks.  We're also fully licensed and serve a selection of cocktails, wines, beers and spirits every day.

WHY VEGAN: oh so many many reasons, but the main point comes down to the fact we learnt a lot more about the meat and dairy industry and decided we didn't want to be a part of it, either personally or as a business.  However, as BIG eaters we didn't want to compromise on the enjoyment of food, hence the fun and delicious focus of our new 100% vegan menu, which we think everyone will love, whether vegan or not!