Our house is your house... come rest a while x

The Brook is an independent venue in Wallington, Surrey, housing a kitchen, bar, studio and stage.  Our focus is on bringing people together to share creations, discover new things and have some good old-fashioned fun.

We serve seasonal, locally sourced, homemade vegetarian and vegan food, signature cocktails and fresh smoothies & juices.  We run a program of regular events such as open mic, quiz night, art exhibitions, ukulele night, book club, choir, live music nights and a vegan supper club.  We also host private parties of all kinds.  In our fully-equipped recording studio we work with a wide variety of artists, turning their ideas and dreams in to professional recordings.

We can't say this enough.  We genuinely give a s***.

We care about the food we put on your plate, the drink we put in your glass, the atmosphere in the room while you're enjoying live music and the way you're looked after.  We care about the musician we helped up on to the stage, the artist who's work adorns our walls and the writer who's holding their first book launch with us.  We care about our impact on the planet, our impact on our neighbours and our impact on everyone who's affected by us.

Because we don't like living in a world where people drift around each other without caring.  There's no community in that.  And without community the world is a lonely place where strange things become normal, like being mean and disrespectful to others.

We're not down with that.

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